Dossier 1: Quarantine edition

When parents become meme-lovers

It’s not only our screen time that has increased significantly since we are in self-isolation, but also that of our parents.┬áNow that playing card games with friends or babysitting grandchildren is not possible, the older generation is also mainly in virtual contact with friends and family.┬áMore intensive texting has automatically let them come into contact with typical internet humor, that is spread through chats.┬áSince the corona virus, operations coordinator and Hmm-friend Deborah Meibergen has been bombarded with Coronavirus-inspired memes by both her parents.┬áMost are so bland that she doesn’t like them, but the following did make her laugh a little:

Gloved Creation of Adam

A Dutch way to prevent contamination

A UK answer to the shortage of masks

Drug dealers in times of Covid-19

How to sneeze in an elevator

A predictive Dutch clip from the ’50’s