Quarantine edition

Bored in the House: self-isolation on TikTok

Last month TikTok reached 2 billion downloads worldwide. The platform has seen a huge spike in activity since the pandemic started. TikTok was designed to let users make video content at home without any professional equipment, replying on using household objects as metaphors or decoration. We asked artist Sjef van Beers what content arises on the platform now that millions of people are stuck in self-isolation. He showed this on Discord during The Hmm in Quarantine, but we also wanted to share them with you in this dossier.

A way to keep your mind off things

TikTok’s self-quarantine anthem

An online class lifehack

Stuck as a potato

The class clown on Zoom

Some homemade glam

Goodnight guys!


Can’t let this quarantine stop you from kissing the boys goodnight 😳 #bestfandom #siblingcheck #goodnight #kiss #theboys #zoom

♬ original sound – theboysof98

Facing the future


i’m so ready to be the most useless primary source😌

♬ original sound – julgrah

When slacking online class, pay attention to detail

Online loneliness