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25 May, 20:00 CEST

The Hmm @ Responsible AI

The Hmm partners up with the Responsible AI Lab of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam for a special event where 7 driven and diverse speakers, that are working, making, and thinking around the theme of ā€˜Responsible AIā€™, share their vision. Pascal Wiggers, associate lector Responsible AI, is helping us put together this exciting program.

AI and data-driven techniques play an increasingly important role in the design and development of software. At the Responsible AI Lab, students learn to apply artificial intelligence in practice and to be critical in doing so. How can AI be inclusive and diverse? What impact does AI have on society now? And what potential does AI offer artists? Tonight, we’ve invited 7 speakers to answer these questions.

**Note: This program can only be visited onsite, at

Benno Premselahuis šŸ 
RhijnspoorpleinĀ 1
1091 GCĀ Amsterdam

Doors open at 19:30
Program starts at 20:00


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